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Steering System Repair

Steering service may include replacement of the following:

  • power steering fluid
  • power steering belts and hose replacement
  • tie rods
  • ball joints
  • bushings
  • idler arms
  • pitman arms center links
  • drag links
  • steering dampeners and stabilizers
  • adjustment sleeves
  • steering knuckles
  • steering gear boxes
  • rack and pinion units
  • steering intermediate shafts
  • Shock Absorbers or Struts

Importance of Service:
The steering system of your car is not only important for safety reasons but also to enhance the comfort of your car's ride. The fluid, level and condition are vital to ensure the steering system is operating correctly. Power steering fluid should be checked at 48,000 miles and depending on its condition, may be replaced.

What May Happen if The Service is Not Performed
Steering wheel is hard to turn: You find that it's getting more difficult to turn the steering wheel. It feels like something is binding or dragging. This may or may not happen suddenly or get worse over time.

Hard steering: You notice it takes much more strength to turn the steering wheel. This is especially noticed when you are trying to park. The problem seems to be getting worse.

Loose steering: You notice that the steering wheel is very easy to move and feels sloppy. It creates an uneasy feeling on the highway because it seems you have no control of your car.

Power steering doesn’t work: It takes a lot of effort to turn the steering wheel. In fact, at low speeds you can hardly turn it. The problem is less obvious at high speeds simply because you need to move the steering wheel less at those speeds.

Steering wheel jerks: When you are driving slowly or idling, the steering wheel jumps or jerks. You don't see any other problems as far as steering and handling go.


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